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Follow Your Callings to Explore the Human Mind

Psychology is the scientific study of the brain and the origin of thoughts, 这是一个快速发展的领域,研究最复杂的系统之一——人类的思维. 虽然科学界的一些领域关注的是症状,但心理学的目的是研究原因. What makes us who we are? What is nature, and what is nurture? 研究某些先天或环境特征是如何影响个人和社会的. In this expansive program, 你将踏上一段旅程,加深你对人的理解,并通过健康, scientific skepticism, growing personally and professionally as a result.

From the great psycho-analysts of the 20th century, to present-day breakthroughs, 你可以通过康考迪亚大学的文学学士学位来培养对心理学原理的核心理解. Explore神经结构和功能,以分析精神状况和障碍. Through a variety of topics, 我们将帮助培养你对这个领域正在发现的关于人类行为的所有事情的好奇心. We scientifically inquire into some of the big questions about human thoughts, 行动, 和情感, how they operate -- and how they interact with each other.

As a psychology major, you will graduate with marketable skills, including the ability to communicate effectively, 解决问题, develop and sustain a reasoned argument, collect and analyze data, and study and think independently. Many graduates enter into clinical work and progress as psychologists, sociologists and anthropologists. Your degree can also prepare you for a career in management, 社会工作, marketing and advertising, 人口统计学, or policy analytics.